As a non-profit, our values of transparency and accountability carry on into our services and activities. So, all of our training syllabus, schedule, and video of the training sessions are openly available to the public through our website and social media platforms.

Many of our training sessions are interactive, virtual workshops. To participate in these interactive sessions, anyone is welcome to submit a volunteer application during our annual volunteer recruitment season. Live participation is limited to our volunteers and members.

Training Schedule for Writers (2020)

Title of Session: Basics of Ethics in Writing

Date: 8th August 2020

Instructor: Maz Atta

Key Concepts Covered: What is NEWS; What makes a story newsworthy?; What is plagiarism; How to write a fair, balanced and accurate article; How to conduct an interview; Professional etiquette of interviewing someone; Ethics of interview recording and note-taking.

Session Video (online Link):

Title of Session: Understanding Image Copyright in Blogging

Date: 15th August 2020

Instructor: Faria Ahmed

Key Concepts Covered:  How to identify copyright violation; Creating Original Photo Content; Taking Permission to reuse images; Creative Commons License; Commercial Use of Images; Public Domain; Fair Use Laws in USA & Canada; Public Domain; When Does Copyright expire; How to find images to use with your article

Session Video is unavailable due to technical issues

Titles of Session: Introduction of Ethics & Law in Journalism

Instructor: Jordan Johnstone

Date: 22nd August 2020

Key Concepts Covered:  Journalism: Basic Code of Ethics; How to remain unbiased, politically and professionally; Explained difference between legality and morality; Laws to Protect Journalists; Laws that can hold journalists responsible (Libel suits); Individual code of ethics; Evaluation the ethical dilemma of a situation.

Session Video (Online Link):

Title of Session: From Feature to Content: What to Write in the Age of Social Media

Instructor: Tawhidur Rashid Shuvro, Managing Editor, Ice Media Ltd.

Date: September 5, 2020

Training Schedule for Technical Team (2020)

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