Easy & Affordable way to make Poke’ Bowls: Using Whatever You Have In Your Fridge

By Faria Ahmed

So I got home at the end of a super loooong day and was dying of hunger! I was craving asian and didn’t want to force myself to eat a boring sandwich or pasta. Having said that, I’m also a young adult living on tight budget so I try to avoid doing Uber Eats as much as possible (I give in to temptation once or twice a month). So, today I was seriously craving some of those delicious Poke’ bowls!

Like I already mentioned, I had no energy to go out and do grocery shopping and I don’t normal have all the cool and exotic ingredients to make perfectly authentic asian food. But I do understand that this is what real life looks like. You don’t just have every ingredient ever and make the perfect gourmet meal.

As young adults, we need to work with what we have and try and keep a healthy pantry to make a few different types of meals at all times. So, I opened my fridge and grabbed the ingredients I could find which I thought would help me make a poke bowl.

Spices: I used toasted sesame oil, mint sauce, spicy mayo, lime juice, salt, szechuan sauce, soya.

Main ingredients: Frozen salmon fillet, chia seeds, breadcrumbs, rice or rice noodles (I had the noddles), avocado, vegetables (I had beets but forgot to use them), mushrooms, tofu (didn’t end up using them for this bowl but will share another recipe soon with these).

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  1. Take out frozen salmon fillet, slice while frozen. Then, let them thaw in a bowl with some salt and lime juice mixed in with them. The freezing actually ensures parasites are dead in raw fish and meats (I read it online somewhere).
  2. Boil some water and cook your rice or rice noodles in it. The rice noodles only took me 5 minutes in boiling water.
  3. Strain off the water, and place rice noodles in your final poke bowl. Drizzle some of the toasted sesame seed oil (you can warm this up a bit if you want), mint sauce and szechuan sauce, very little soya. Mix in with the noodle.
  4. Cup up the avocadoes, vegetables and decorate on top.
  5. Add the salmon sashimi on it as well.
  6. Garnish with chia seeds and breadcrumbs

There you have it! Your very own cheat sheet for a home-made poke’ bowl!

Hope you enjoy this 🙂


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