The perception that comic books are only for children’s entertainment is a thing of the past. According to CNBC, the global comic book industry makes billions of dollars each year in revenue. Just like movies or anime, it is just another medium of story-telling, and one that has captivated generations of youth and adults alike. While there are a fair bit of comic books dedicated to the underage reader, Kaisar Kabir shares his list of must-read, non-mainstream comic series meant for adults:

Deadly Class

by Rick Remender & Wes Craig

Imagine a school like Hogwarts. But instead of magic, they teach kids the art of assassination..and that’s ‘Deadly Class’ for you. The teenage protagonist, Marcus Lopez, lost his parents, hates school, has bad grades and lives like a homeless bum. But then he incidentally joins the most ruthless high school where the biggest crime families of the world send their young ones to become trained assassins. It’s got gory deaths, foul language, sexy times, psycho characters and crazy level action! Need I say more? Published by Image comics, this dark world is drawn brilliantly by Wes Craig with a narrative by the acclaimed Rick Remender that will keep you on the edge at every issue. Too bad the …Read more

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