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Even fifteen years ago, the general population of Bangladesh did little to nothing to promote animal rights or to fight animal cruelty. Whether it was to help rescue and rehabilitate stray animals, abused and injured animals, or those living in the wild. When a few scattered animal rights proponents would speak up, they would often be shut down with the dialogue that there is no room for animal rights in a land where many humans don’t receive basic rights to safety, food, or shelter. Nonetheless, the online and offline community of animal rights activists has grown significantly over the past decade. From individual volunteers feeding stray cats and dogs to full-fledged non-profit organizations pushing for legislative change – the animal rights scene has undergone drastic changes. I was lucky to have been able to track down and interview some of these key individuals and organizations who have helped make significant progress on this issue. Today, I am excited to introduce them to my readers at Millennial Things to demonstrate the power of our generation and what we can achieve despite socio-political and economic challenges.

Rubaiya Ahmed

Founder, Obhoyaronno

My first over the phone interview was with Rubaiya Ahmed, who founded Obhoyaronno in the year 2009 as a way to heal from a very personal loss. After spending 10 years in the United States of America, Rubaiya returned to Dhakaand began to work at her full-time job, unaware of the system then implemented in Dhaka to control the stray dog population. In 2009, Rubaiya’s own pet dog was killed by Dhaka City Corporation workers, as part of their program to ‘control’ the population of stray and thus reduce the risk of rabies. With the loss of her furry friend who was confused for a stray dog and killed, Rubaiya first became aware of the inhumane practice which didn’t need to be the solution to prevent Rabies.

That incident motivated her to look deeper into the problems of this system and try to come up with better and alternative solutions. By founding Obhoyaronno, Rubaiya and her team of trained vets are now able to implement a system of Rabies prevention called CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Return)…Read More


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