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As a non-profit initiative, Millennial Things Blog is run by an incredible team of volunteer writers, editors, designers, and web developers from across the world. The diverse experiences and background of our team is our greatest strengths. Meet our team of editors below:


Faria Ahmed

Faria holds a Master’s in Science from the University of Ottawa and has years of writing and editing experience. She has experience in technical scientific writing, as well as writing for business and lifestyle platforms. She has multiple research publications in the field of immunology and healthcare. She is also a seasoned entrepreneur and was the founder of the successful Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh, named “Career Solutions Bangladesh“. She is passionate about women empowerment through their participation in the economy, innovation and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Millennial Things Network, a federally incorporated non-profit in Canada. Find out more about Faria at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fariaahmed/

Sanjana Ahmed

Sanjana has a degree in Economics from North South University and works in the private banking sector. Her expertise in financial economics has been crucial to develop the column on financial advice at millennial things. Sanjana is passionate about bringing change through policy development and implementation. She believes true empowerment comes through positive and mutually beneficial collaborations between countries and communities.

Editorial Advisors

Dr. Mehnaaz Momen, PhD

Dr. Momen is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Texas A & M International University in Laredo, Texas. She teaches Political Science and Public Administration, and has published multiple books related to her field. Her book “The Paradox of Citizenship in American Politics: Ideals and Reality” was published in 2017 and “Political Satire, Postmodern Reality, and the Trump Presidency: Who Are We Laughing At?” in 2018.

Dr. Jonathan Ruano, PhD

Jonathan holds a phD in History from the University of Ottawa, Ontario. He is a business analyst at Invest Ottawa, supporting the local tech start-up community with market research, lead generation, and investors. Along with his economic development experience, Jonathan has also been mentored by Harvard graduate and full professor Eda Kranakis on thesis writing, editing, framing and defending original arguments, thinking outside the box, and identifying logical flaws with arguments.

Afreen Zaman Khan

Afreen is a Health Sciences professional and a Scientific Communication enthusiast. She holds a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from North South University, Bangladesh and a Master’s from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA. She has worked at the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins in a project called JiVitA that focuses on Child and Maternal Nutrition. Afreen is also an appointed Lecturer at the faculty of Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Alongside teaching, she has also coordinated various research projects in collaboration with McMaster University, University of Warwick and Johns Hopkins University. Currently, Afreen is pursuing her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Roth. She strongly believes that the world can be made a better place through, not only proper scientific research, but through appropriate dissemination of scientific information to the general public.


Jordan Alexander Johnstone

News Editor

Jordan holds a diploma in Print Journalism from Conestoga College. After working for several years in print media and graphics design, he is now pursuing a degree in History & Political Science at the University of Ottawa. Jordan has a strong understanding of politics and socio-economic oppression of marginalized populations. He believes that patterns of oppression as observed throughout human history tend to repeat themselves, and that is what we observe happening in the world today. He is passionate about social justice and has keen interest in democratic socialism.

Kajal Pawar

Jr. News Editor

Kajal is currently enrolled in the Interactive Media Management post-graduate program at Algonquin College. She has a graduate certificate in Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media. She has over four years of experience with news writing and content creation. As COVID-19 hit our lives, she has continued to remotely work and volunteer for media startups as a content creator. When she is not busy being a journalist, she likes to read Japanese fiction and poetry.

Workshop Instructors

Maz Atta

A proud journalism graduate from Carleton University, Maz dedicates his full attention to the world of stories and trends. You can count on him to tell your story through writing, audio, or video. Either way, he is now ready to share his storytelling experiences with many others


Melissa Alves

Melissa holds a diploma in Publishing from Langara College. She currently works in the marketing and advertising industries and has experience writing for magazines and online publications. On the side, she enjoys wildlife and landscape photography and runs her own design business, Nettle Creative. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, environmental issues, and social justice. Her experience growing up as a first-generation Canadian with a small business in the family has greatly shaped her outlook on life. Learn more at melissa-alves.com

Michael Shlega

A second year student in Computer Science at Carleton University, Michael enjoys writing and all things tech! Using writing as a creative outlet, he enjoys it as a hobby and as a relaxation method. 

Feruz Habteselassie

Feruz is a student at the University of Manitoba, currently working towards a science degree (although that could change). She loves reading, and hopes to one day also be a professional writer. Aside from reading and writing, other interests of hers include finance, photography, and social justice. Feruz hopes to be able to use her words to provide millennials and others accurate and interesting information about our world today.

Matthew Ochal

Matthew is currently a student at Ryerson University, where he is finishing up a BFA in Film with a minor in Philosophy. Aiming to eventually work as a writer and producer, he is currently a commercial production assistant. Matthew hopes to use writing to explore and share unique and interesting experiences.

Brittany Christian

Interested in professional and technical writing. An online student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock working on her Bachelor’s in Professional and Technical Writing to become a freelance writer. Working on a certificate to become a Pharmacy Technician. A blogger. Just want to get more experience in writing and to put those skills into her career.

Alina Susan Joji

Alina is currently a business student doing her diploma at Algonquin college in Ottawa. She is passionate about personal finance and marketing. She wants to write in order to guide her peers in personal development, productivity and managing their own finances from a young age.

Jewel Tynes

Jewel is in her third year at the University of Ottawa where she is pursuing a degree in Communications and Political Science. She is passionate about international development and hopes to get involved in the humanitarian field in the near future. When Jewel is not volunteering in her community, she spends her spare time engaging in classical ballet and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Malaika Lindsay

Malaika is a student at the University of Ottawa majoring in Accounting. She enjoys researching various topics on history, the economy, environmental issues, theories and others. She is an avid fan of anime.  One of her favorite quotes is: “He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom.” Malaika believes that sometimes you can get discouraged but it’s an important reminder that to achieve your goal, you have to start somewhere. And with hard work and determination, success can always be achieved! 

Neelia Fuad

Neelia is an international student who is currently based in Vancouver. She holds a degree in International studies. Her interests lie in the aspect of culture and how it influences communities. Having written many articles on current socio-political issues, Neelia aims to use this platform to share her knowledge and experiences as a multicultural individual. Neelia’s hobbies include eating, dancing and telling stories!

Katie Hearn

Katie is a writer living in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a major in English. She is interested in millennial perspectives on government issues, and the assertion that they are valid and important. Katie is also terribly passionate about the environment; and believes it is the responsibility of every citizen to try to preserve it, and she hopes everyone can find the joy of connecting with nature.

Devika B

Currently pursuing English Literature under The Kerala University.Interested in writings based on psychology and anti-personalities.Looking to develop her skills and further provide an insight to human behaviour to the society so that the future would know how to help people dealing with their negative mind.

Afifa Anjum

Currently giving her International GCSEs in November as a private candidate under British council.She loves to research on various psychological and mental health issues.She is passionate about painting and is a self taught artist who recently launched a channel in youtube. She is a fast learner and a dreamer who hopes to turn her dreams into a reality one day. 

Sumit Banik

Sumit Banik is a public health activist with experience in different health studies as a research worker in Bangladesh. He has completed his post-graduation degree on public health. Sumit is passionate about working for marginalized and unprivileged community people, developing their health outcome through a sustainable approach. Currently he’s working with Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS) as Master Trainer in ‘Our Lives, Our Health, Our Futures’ Programme at Bandarban Hill District in Bangladesh. He is also a citizen journalist and freelance writer and already wrote more than 200 letters/articles in renowned Bengali newspaper/blog site.

Adiba Kamal

Currently an undergraduate student, studying in English at North South University. A fast learner and eager to work in every challenging situation. She intends to pursue a career with an organization that provides an opportunity to capitalize her skills in the field of Writing and Editing sector.

Durdana Kamal

Currently studying Computer Science at North South University. She has a keen interest in machine learning, web development and pop culture. Writing is something she does to vent out her thoughts. Passionate about music and social justice.

Sajal Hossain Dhaly (Rifad)

Sajal Hossain, is a high school student taking Advanced Level (A Lveel)subjects in his GCSE examinations. He is studying English Language and English Literature for his A Levels and is passionate about all things related to pop-culture. His hobbies include a healthy side dose of reading and writing. He wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree in Literature and continue to build on his experiences in media and journalism.

Paratmika Padhya

An International Studies Major at Simon Fraser University, Paratmika has a keen interest in economic security and cultural conflicts outside the Western Hemisphere. She is originally from Mumbai, India and has grown up around an environment that has conditioned her to write about and analyze regional politics. At the age of 10 she led a “The Importance of Voting Campaign” in her regional district  to promote the vitality of democracies. She is now with the Canadian International Council – Vancouver, a NGO that does events on Canadian Foreign Policy issues, as an Outreach and Social Media Coordinator. In her free time, she enjoys walking, binging K-dramas and annoying her best friend.

Photography & Design Team


Web Designers & Developers

Vijay Victorious

Vijay is an experienced designer, developer and entrepreneur in the UK, Canada and other locations. He’s experienced in helping businesses and organizations achieve their mission through creative and practical solutions. His expertise is in web/app development, design, branding and creative direction. He is passionate about non-profits and actively consults and guides various organizations around the world.

Harsh Patel

Recent grad student of Computer Programmer from Algonquin College, Ottawa. Passionate to discover true potential of myself by having an eagerness to learn about the tech world and interest of trying to write and solving true problems which will make an good impact to people. I believe that experience is the best teacher in the world. So try and explore new things with clarity and vision that can help in achieve any potential goal.

Anamiika Binte Rahman

Anamiika is in her final year at The City College of New York, where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology. She’s passionate about explore the technical sides of a company that relates to analysis and coding at the moment. Besides working and studying for undergrad, she’s also a passionate Bollywood Dance teacher and a Peer Counselor who advocates for mental health in Bangladesh. She hopes to learn more about the experiences of people all across the world because that in itself is the key to growth.

Oussama Srii


Srikanth Katoori

Srikanth Katoori is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa, with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. He is passionate  about web development and web design.He has experience as a junior developer. He personally believes that learning is the best way to explore and enhance one’s skills. Being interested in the non-profit organization ,he would like to learn  from all the fellow beings by sharing his knowledge and experiences with the people around which will eventually leads to achieving the personal and professional goals.

Podcast Team

Hasan Ul Mokaddes

Hasan holds a Master’s in Information from the University of Toronto. He has worked as an analyst in various multinational corporations ranging from the financial sector to telecommunication and retail sector. He is passionate about issues that impact the lives of youth and young adults. Hasan wants to build a platform of conversation for millennials to express their opinions, understanding and doubts about politics, society and science. On his upcoming podcast at MTN, he intends to drive a constructive conversation with guests and speakers based on science and facts. Find out more at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hasanmokaddes/

PR, Communications & Media Team


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