Who We Are

Millennial Things Network (MTN) is a Canadian, non-profit organization that supports a national network of young adults who are driven to bring change in their communities through journalism. As a non-profit, online platform, our mission is to highlight community-level issues that are often lost in the profit-driven landscape of mainstream media. We believe that important issues within communities are best brought forth by members from within those very communities. For this reason, our goal is to empower and equip Canadian communities to effectively create and improve capacity for transparent, accountable and ethical news reporting at the community level. To improve representation and the reach of news and reporting within Canada through community journalism, with a particular focus on marginalized and/or remote communities.

What We Do

We work towards our mission by highlighting the struggles, achievements and experiences Canadians from various backgrounds and regions. The diversity of our team is our biggest strength and we welcome individuals from all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender fluid, queer, individuals with disabilities, various socioeconomic background and pretty much all various walks of life. In order to equip them to highlight challenges faced by their communities, we provide training and assign mentors to guide them through the process of becoming citizen journalists. We achieve this by:

Creating a national & global network of volunteers interested in digital journalism

Organizing weekly virtual workshops with experts in the publishing & news industry

Providing mentorship & peer support through the network

Provide guidance & editorial support to help create original content based on community issues

Provide multiple online platforms for publishing their stories (print, audio, and audiovisual) to a global audience

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the development of talented and ethnical community reporters and journalists through training, resources, peer support, mentorship, and the opportunity to work in a professional setting with minimum barriers to access.


Our vision is to build a community of national and global reporters who are trained to perform the role of informed and aware citizens and journalists, by using their skills to investigate, highlight and explore issues relating to oppression, corruption and injustice in their respective communities.

How We Do It

Our publishing platform focuses on the following key topics:






Health (Soming soon)

Tech (Coming soon)

Check out our amazing team here.

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