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Our international platform for millennials (young adults) features interviews and articles about experiences, challenges, and success stories of young adults from across the globe. The non-profit platform is completely run by volunteer writers, editors and designers. For young and aspiring writers, journalists, and communicators, this is an excellent opportunity to work with experienced editors, chase down stories, take interviews, and get published! Mentorship about copyright rules, journalism ethics and everything else will be provided virtually.

Candidates can work from anywhere in the world. The work can be done remotely and may require a few virtual zoom meetings each month

Check out Current Openings:

Volunteer Writer – Asia (Vacancy: 10)

Volunteer Writer – Africa (Vacancy: 10)

Volunteer Writer – Australia (Vacancy: 5)

Volunteer Writer – Europe (Vacancy: 10)

Volunteer Writer – Middle East (Vacancy: 10)

Volunteer Writer-North America: Recruitment is closed for 2020

Volunteer Graphics Designer (Vacancy: 1)

Volunteer Junior News Editor (Vacancy: 1)

Grant Writer (Paid Position): Vacancy :2

Description of Each Role

Board Members

Members of the vote support the organization in various ways. They are responsible to meet monthly or quarterly to assess the growth of the organization, strategize how best to meet the goals, advise on expansion and collaboration strategies and more. They take major decisions regarding structuring and funding through a voting system during the board meetings. All board member positions are voluntary and members do not receive any financial remuneration for their contributions to the organization. 

Minimum Time Commitment: One board meeting every month and any other tasks that are assigned during the meetings. 

Editorial Advisors

Advisors are experts in their field of work and usually have several years to several decades of experience on the given subject matter. They are frequently managers, directors, professors, or in other senior management roles in their day jobs. Advisors are chosen based on the requirements of each column/section of the e-publishing platform. Their job is to be available via email each month to 1-2 writers/editors and answer their questions about specific subject matter. Although advisors do not edit language and grammar, they provide guidance on the critical analysis of complex issues which the young  writers and editors require for their assignments. All Editorial Advisors are volunteers, who dedicate their time for the betterment of communities across the globe. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Up to 1-2 hours each month in the form of replying to emails from writers and editors. 

Editors/Editorial Team Members

There are various types of editors who make up the editorial team. These include content editors, layout editors, among others. Editors are required to have some experience in the journalism, writing, blogging, research or publishing industry. Currently, as a newly incorporated non-profit, all editorial positions are voluntary. However, with growth of the organization, editors may receive remuneration for their time and contribution. Expectations for each editorial position is a little bit different and details will be posted when there is a vacancy.

Minimum Time Commitment: Each editor is assigned 2 articles per month. This can take up to 4-6 hours per month, since they go through multiple rounds of editing and feedback. Editors are also responsible to answer questions from the writers about the given articles and the research work involved.

Workshop Instructors

Workshop instructors are experienced in the field of journalism, writing and/or publishing. Their responsibilities include communicating with the editorial team to assess the training and information needs of the team of writers. Based on this information, workshop instructors design their training modules and presentations which can help the writers understand aspects of journalism, writing and publishing a little bit better. As a newly incorporated non-profit, the role is run by excellent volunteers who are willing to give back to the community as mentors, while also developing their skills in instruction. In the future, this role may be eligible to receive some remuneration. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Workshop instructors are expected to take at least one session a month, during a weekend morning. This takes about 1 hour of live instruction along with any time required to create the training modules.  


Writers are the heart and soul of the organization. They are recruited from all corners of the world based on their passion for writing, diverse experiences and willingness to commit to the cause. Most of our writers are new to community journalism and writing for a broad audience, and that is why they are provided training from industry experts to improve their skills in writing, critical thinking and analysis. Writers also bring in new and fresh ideas to the team, not just about written content but all aspects of the organization and the publishing platform. Writers are able to pitch ideas and get them approved by the editorial team each month. Over the course of a month, they are required to write at least 1 (one) article. They work closely with one editor and one advisor to produce their best work. Sometimes, writers can also be assigned a collaborative writing project with another writer on the team. All writers in the organization are volunteers who dedicate their time for self-development as a writer and to showcase their stories to a global audience. 

Perks: Writers receive a letter of recommendation upon request. They have opportunities to grow within the organization. They are also the first to be considered for paid positions that open up within the organization (internal hiring). 

Minimum Time Commitment: Each weekend, writers are expected to attend a one-hour zoom meeting. The meeting is either a team brainstorming session or a training workshop (it alternates each weekend). Apart from this 4-hours of zoom meetings in a month, writers choose how much time to dedicate to writing their articles and improving them upon feedback from editors. This can take up to 2-4 hours a month. To sum it up, a writer is not expected to spend more than 2-8 hours in a month in total. 

Graphics Designers

Graphics designers and illustrators come up with creative and vibrant ideas and digital designs for the website, social media platforms, groups, and more. Graphics designers are expected to have some degree of expertise in using photoshop, illustrators, or other designing software tools. They work closely with social media managers and web developers to come up with consistent branding strategies and design. The position is voluntary and often run by students in multimedia and design programs at college. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Between 2-10 hours over a one-month period. Approximately 2 hours each weekend. 

Web Developers & Designers

Web Developers turn our writing into a digitally published reality! There’s lots of opportunities to work on website layout, web content updating, tracking data, working on SEO, optimizing content, and developing our wordpress site to make it more user friendly. The position is voluntary and often run by students in computer science programs at college/university. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Between 2-10 hours over a one-month period. Approximately 2 hours each weekend. 

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers really know their platforms and are up to date on the coolest social media trends. It’s important to have a strong understanding of the young adult demographic and to be well versed in popular social media platforms such as snapchat, instagram, youtube, facebook, tik tok and so on. Social Media Managers work closely with graphics designers to create content that target the young adult population globally. Their job is to increase engagement and award of the brand. This is a voluntary position and is often run by college and university students who have a personal passion for social media content creation. Alternatively, individuals with professional training in digital marketing and branding are also a great fit for this position to add experience to their growing resume.  

Minimum Time Commitment: This position requires one hour every weekend for content creation and a few minutes each day for posting an engagement. 

Grant Writers

Grant writers are paid employees with at least 2 years of experience in submitting grants (and winning at least a few of them) to local and international funding bodies. They may have a background in development or non-profit organizations and have strong networks with granting and funding agencies in North America and Internationally. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Anywhere between 3 to 5  hours a month.


Fundraisers are kind, social and creative volunteers who enjoy communicating with new people to promote the cause. These individuals find new and innovative ways to let people know of our cause and request support through collaborations or donations. The fundraiser reports to the outreach expert, or, to the board member in charge. They can host online fundraising events, or organize in-person ones too. They are comfortable reaching out to friends and family and others in the community to tell people more about the initiative and the benefits it brings to young adults globally and locally. 

Minimum Time Commitment: Anywhere between 1 hour to 6 hours a month.

Outreach Experts

Outreach experts are outspoken, confident individuals who are great at networking. They enjoy meeting new people and building collaborations for the benefit of the organization. Outreach experts work closely with the board of directors, fundraisers and grant writers, to seek out opportunities to grow the organization. They write emails, make phone calls and do virtual meetings with educational institutions, corporate sponsors, government and non-government funding organizations, among others. This is a paid position and required 3-4 years of fundraising and grant writing experience. The category is a junior manager position to whom fundraisers and grant writers will report. 

Minimum Time Commitment: This is a part-time/contract position which requires between 3-5 hours each week. 

How To Apply

Send us an email to writetous@millenialthings.blog

In the subject of your email, please mention which position you are applying to. Please include a resume and paste your cover letter on the body of the email. The cover letter should explain your relevant skills for the position and why you would be a great addition to the team.

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