About Us

Who We Are

Millennial Things Network is a Canadian non-profit that supports a global network of young adults who are driven to bring change in their communities through journalism. As a non-profit, online platform, our mission is to highlight the shared and/or unique experiences of millennials across the world. Our team of volunteer writers, editors, web developers, designers and outreach workers achieve this by supporting one another through the network. To upgrade and improve skills in writing, editing, critical thinking, analysis, and photojournalism, we organize monthly workshops with experts from the industry.

What We Do

We work towards our mission by highlighting the struggles, achievements and experiences of millennials from various nationalities, ethnicity, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic background and professionals, and by empowering them through recognition and training. We do this by:

Creating a global network of volunteers interested in digital journalism

Organizing workshops with experts in the publishing & news industry

Providing mentorship & peer support through the network

Provide guidance & editorial support to help create original content based on community issues

Provide a popular and recognized online platform for publishing their stories to a global audience

Mission Statement

The non profit organization is a global network of  young adults, recruited from various countries, who are interested in writing, community journalism, design and communications. The organization works to facilitate their skills development in critical thinking, analytical skills and written expression. This is achieved through a team of globally recruited volunteers, who received free training & workshops from experts in the fields of arts, policy, human resources, personal finance, journalism, digital marketing, and communications. Over the long run, these activities undertaken by the organization aim to create aware citizens who can share stories from their own communities and raise awareness on a global platform. 

How We Do It

Our publishing platform focuses on 5 key categories, which include:


highlights the adventures, struggles, initiatives, innovation and success stories of millennials from various communities and nationalities.


In this section we discuss personal finance, tips for first-time home-buyers, strategies to recover from credit card debt, managing student loans, and other financial topics of interest to young adults globally. The goal of the column is to link readers to resources that will promote financial literacy, help life them out of poverty and financial hardships.


The policy section analyses and critiques global and local policies in economics, health, politics and governance which impact the lives of millennials and young adult.


The world and businesses keeps evolving and that changes the job markets, skill requirements, and rules of the game to succeed professionally. That’s why in CAREER, we interview young adults from various professions and share tips and tricks to help peers achieve the same level of professional success.


This column features a wide range of entertainment and arts that interest young adults of today. From comic cons, anime, Network originals, to ballet and classical music, everything that is grabbing the attention of millennials can make its way into this column.

Check out our amazing team here.

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