F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV Show Themed Birthday On A Budget!

As the pandemic lockdown continues in Canada (currently at Phase 2 of soft opening), we decided to have a cosy and casual birthday dinner for my boyfriend’s 30th. Even thought it was just his immediate family and I celebrating the event, I couldn’t help but come up with a simple and affordable idea to bring a fun theme into the party. Here are a few simple things I was able to get even during the lockdown in order to bring in flavours of his favourite TV show “FRIENDS” into his party.

1. FRIENDS Font Banner ($12.99)

I was able to find a banner saying “Happy Birthday” in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV Show theme font on Amazon for only $12.99. Since it wasn’t customized, it didn’t take long to get delivered (about 4 business days). I found it to be great quality and it came with the perfect sized string, ready to be hung up immediately. The cardboard didn’t bend and can be used for many more themed parties and I’m excited to add it to my decor collection.

2. Small themed Gifts (Less than $30)

I also ordered a small notebook saying “The One Where You Turn Thirty” in the show’s signature font and a giant cup/soup bowl with the Central Perk Logo on it. These were add-on gifts to bring the flavour of the theme for the birthday. His main gift was a pair of Jordan Air branded shoes that he had been wanting to get for a while.

A soup bowl with the central perk logo that I got as an additional gift
A notebook with writing in the FRIENDS signature font

3. Cards ($10 or less)

It turned out to be a great idea that I had shared the themed party idea with the rest of the family. In the end, they also ended up bringing gifts and cards related to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV show or characters from the show.

4. DIY Decor from Phoebe’s “CUPS” Party ($5)

If you are a hardcore friends fan like us, you will surely remember the episode where Phoebe and Monica co-hosted a party, and Phoebe went overboard with the cups and ice because those were the only two things she was allowed to be in charge of. In the end, there were so many cups that they ended up using the cups for decor and party hats! I went with the same idea and used the typical college party style red plastic cups and some rope to make a garland of red cups for decoration.

A garland of cups I made to go with Phoebe’s crazy CUPS party

5. Generic Party Decor (Recycled, $0)

I love having some items in stock at home that can help add some glamour to any themed party. For this event, I used some generic red balloons, red polka dot wrapping paper, and my letterboard to add to the colour palette of the show’s main logo. I used the letterboard to write the words “Why God Why”, a famous dialogue from Joey Tribbiani’s character spoken on the day he sadly turns 30!

All the wrapped presents and the candy basket I made for my boyfriend’s 30th FRIENDS themed birthday.

6. T-shirt for the Birthday Boy! ($30)

Custom FRIENDS TV Show themed T-shirt for 30th birthday


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