Quick 5-Minute DIY Gift Ideas For Any Occasion!


By Faria Ahmed

I absolutely enjoy giving gifts, but I enjoy personalizing them even more! Living on a young adult/student budget makes it hard to buy beautiful gift items from the store all the time, so I make up for it using a tad bit of customized creativity! Here are some of the super quick and super affordable Do-It-Yourself gift ideas for any occassion.

1.Handmade Personalized Ornaments

Whether it’s to hang from your Christmas tree or simply to be hung up on the wall or used as coasters…these personalized gifts are an all-time staple for affordable gifting! All you need is:

  1. Slides Wood (I got them for $1 a piece from a local farm where some trees had to be cut down this year)
  2. Twine Rope
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Sharpie or Etching Tool
  5. Scissors

Cut up about 2 inch of the twine rope. Use the hot glue to attach the rope to the sliced wood coaster. You can also glue on embellishments to make it even more fancy. Let it cool for 2-3 minutes. Use the sharpie to write the gift receiver’s name or a cute message to them. Ta-da!

2. Goodie Jars

I love how sustainable these gifts are and how you can practically customize it for absolutely anyone. For some friends, I filled these jars up with candy, for others with popcorn, and for some diabetic friends- I added cute little tea candles from Ikea! Again, this can be used for christmas, a new year gift for coworkers or clients, as a lootbag item for children’s birthday parties and so much more! Here’s what you need:

  1. Small glass jars (I got them from the dollar store for $2 a piece)
  2. Twine Rope
  3. Paper, Sharpie, Scissors
  4. Goodies to fill up the jar (candy, cookies, candles, potpourri etc)
  5. Hole puncher

Fill the jar with whatever goodies you have chosen. Wrap some twine around the jar and before typing up a bow add your note. For the note, fold up some plain white paper into a little card, white on and in the note as you wish, then punch a hole in the corner so you can slip it into the twine rope but tying it up into a pretty bow.

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