5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas!

By Faria Ahmed

There are a million little things we can each do to help save planet earth while still enjoying the joys of gifting. Here are 5 simple things that I decided to try out!

1.Baked Goods

Nothing says sustainable like some homemade baked goodies made from scratch! As much as we want to buy ‘things’ and put them into gift boxes and gift bags, food is actually not a bad gift idea and it does put a big smile on everyone’s face at the party!

2. Used Books

A lot of us may not like the idea of using pre-worn clothing, but used books are a whole different story. For centuries we have shared books and borrowed from the library..so there’s no shame and no harm in buying some used books as a gift! It’s more sustainable than buying new ones…and the best part is that you might get some rare books, and first edition books, or even autographed books by opting for second-hand!

3. Goodie Jars

Instead of buying each of your friends separate boxes of candy or goodies and increasing the amount of plastic & paper trash in this world, you can buy wholesale and split it up in these cute glass jars! You can check out our step-by-step process to customize these goodie jars.

4.Handmade Ornaments / Coasters

Although cutting down trees for decor items isn’t exactly environmentally friendly…these trees were cut down for other reasons, and instead of wasting the branches, the farm decided to slide up the wood and sell them to be used for crafts. The best part is that it is entirely biodegradable! You can check out how we made these handmade ornaments here.

5. Wooden Gift Basket

Again, I managed to put together this gift basket with pretty sustainable items. Glass bottle of champagne, wooden coasters and ornaments, pine cones I had collected from the park, and some paper for sparkle. Always fun to come up with no-plastic and low-paper-waste solutions to presenting our gifts!


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