Gifts for the Man in your Life this Christmas 2019!


Compiled By Faria Ahmed

Wishlist by Jordan Johnstone

For some reason, I have always found it way more difficult to buy gifts for men than for women. Maybe because I am one, and I know all the range of books, beauty products, clothes, accessories, gadgets, home decor items, and other lifestyle products that women in my friend circle and immediate family will like. On the other hand, buying anything for my dad, my uncles or my boyfriend is quite the chore. All I can think of are nice socks and ties or the occasional book that they might like. That’s why this year, I decided to ask my boyfriend to help me figure out what kind of items he would love to get as a Christmas present. I promised to get him any ONE item off that list, and he promised to do the same for me based on my wishlist!

Canadian young man in Perth, Ontario. Posing with coffee cup in early winter.
Jordan at a park in Perth, Ontario

Here are the top 10 things on his Christmas Wishlist for 2019. I hope this helps you guys to figure out what to buy for the men in your lives too! If you like anything on this list, you can click on the image and see the actual product that I am talking about online. 

1.A Classy Wooden Watch

I found a bunch of different types on Amazon, and most were reasonably within my budget of $150. So, this is definitely in the running among the things I might actually get him for Christmas.

2.Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

God know he has a bunch of the extra large wireless headphones that he uses for gaming. However, he has been meaning to get the smaller sort that you can use with your cellphones when you are out. I found this one that looks kind of sleek and again it was within my budget, costing only $69.

3. New Release Video Games

So for this one he said we would be fine with any of the three recently released video games that he does not have for his Xbox. Now, my only advice for buying video games for the men in your life is to first be sure of what device he owns. Find out if he plays his games on a gaming PC, XBox One, Xbox 360, a PS4 or something else because these games are all device-specific.

4.Golf Clubs

When he started telling me about the type of golf clubs he wants, I thought he was speaking Hebrew because I didn’t understand a single word. He said something about having started off with Wilson’s but now he would like to get a nice one from TaylorMade and that the type of club would be an Iron. I noted down the specifics and looked it up. Amazon had some sexy looking ones around $300-$800. It’s a bit over my preferred budget for this Christmas since I’m also travelling, but it’s good to keep in mind for the next big occasion.

If the men in your life enjoy a sport, find out what they need and you can get them something they will love for a very long time!

5.Gaming/ Live-Streaming Equipment

If you haven’t figured it out yet, he is quite the video game nut. For several years he has wanted to set up a live stream but never gotten around to it. So this year he has been looking into the technology behind live streaming and I found this high-end Sling Studio Hub which can be used for multi-camera production, switching between cameras and live streaming. Seemed really cool to me but it is a bit of an investment.

6. NFL Cowboys Apparel

Jordan already has a ton of Cowboys merchandise but clearly the obsession does not end with getting a simple jersey. This year he wants the pants from NFL to go along with the rest of all this Cowboys merch.

7. Whiskey Glass Set

This neat set contains a set of two whiskey glasses, Irish Bourbon Whiskey Stones, Scotch Rock Tongs, and chilling stones. It seems like it will be a nice addition to the man bar he is trying to build.

8.Winter boots from Timberland

This was possibly the one and only practical item on his wishlist this year! He wants a pair of nice winter boots from Timberland and if you live in Canada, you can never have too many of those. The price seems quite reasonable at around $130 and I will be sure to keep this among the top things I want to get him this year.

9.Cell Phone Case

This is one more of a stocking stuffer so I might get it along with the main gift. Once remember, remember to find out the exact model of his phone. Jordan specifically wants a cover with a front flap so it doesn’t scratch his screen so I’ll be keeping that in mind as well.

10. Xbox Controller

Yes, yes you guessed it right. He keeps wearing down his gaming controllers and ofcourse there’s a sexy new one out now called the Wireless Controller Series 2 Elite. I might not get it but I can only imagine how happy he will be to get one of these so definitely keeping an eye on it for the next big occasion.

Don’t forget to share what you are getting for the men in your life this Christmas 2019 by commenting below! Would love to know so I can broaden my options too. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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