Palestinian-Syrian Refugee Fulfills his “Canadian Dream”

The story of Nawar Sahli, is one of endless challenges, courage, perseverance, hope and destiny. It is a story of a child born to Palestinian parents seeking refuge in Syria, whose life eventually leads him to Canada, a land he can finally call his own. This month, our editor Faria Ahmed sat down for a […]

Feature: What Canadians Want from the US Presidential Election this November

A faltered relationship with our closest ally has brought home the importance of the upcoming election, but would a change in leadership be enough? This month, our writer Katie Hearn explores the key moments when Canada’s relationship with its closest ally to the south began to go sour. On November 3rd, Canadians will stand by […]

10 Promising Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs – 2020

Speaking of successful young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh often bring to mind popular names like Hussain M Elius (Pathao), Adnan Imtiaz (Sheba.xyz) and Ayman Sadiq (10 minute school). These individuals, along with select others, have been leading the tech scene either in capital investment, recognition and/or their vast number of service users. However, right behind them […]

OSAP’s New Financial Literacy Test: What is it really achieving?

With the new school year set to start again in September, Ontario’s post-secondary students are in for a surprise when applying for government grants and loans through Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). This year, the usual OSAP application forms are accompanies by a mandatory financial literacy module. Our editor Faria Ahmed reviews some interesting aspects […]

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out: Empowering Canada’s Disabled Community

The Disability Channel (TDC) is a media entity and employment platform for persons with disabilities, showcasing their abilities. Matthew Ochal sat down to talk with its founder, Jay Stoyan, to discuss TDC and the need for further support and awareness. Approximately 22% of Canadians have one or more disabilities (statCan). “We need society to realize […]


The perception that comic books are only for children’s entertainment is a thing of the past. According to CNBC, the global comic book industry makes billions of dollars each year in revenue. Just like movies or anime, it is just another medium of story-telling, and one that has captivated generations of youth and adults alike. While […]


By Sanjana Ahmed Born in the post millennial world in Stockholm, Sweden, Greta Tintin Eleonara Ernman Thunberg is the name the planet will remember for truly turning the wheels to change the world as a final hope of saving the planet. Still 15, during the summer of 2018 Greta won an essay competition for a […]

This Millennial Queen Was Just Crowned Miss South Asia Canada!

Since 2011, Raaga Models & Talent Agency based in Toronto have been organizing the prestigious pageant of Miss (&Mrs.) South Asia Canada! The goal of the event is to help build self esteem and confidence among young women of the South Asian community, nurturing competitive but friendly peer learning opportunities, teaching good sportsmanship, public speaking […]

5 Tips for Millennials Seeking a Legal Career from a Millennial Lawyer Herself

Written by Virginia Ng As you grow up, the question of, “What do you want to be when you grow up” turns into “What are you going to do for the rest of your life.” If you’ve always known what you wanted to do, then great, if you didn’t then that’s okay, too. I didn’t […]

A Day in the Life of a Gen X Entrepreneur

As someone who works both a full-time corporate job and has several entrepreneurial businesses, my days are rather busy. My day starts early and ends late but not too late. I totally believe in self-care and make it a weekly habit. Check out what a normal day for me may look like.  Morning Routine My […]

Instagram Influencer Shares Her 4 Must-Have Make-Up Brushes Needed For Any and Every GLAM Look!

If you are a beauty/makeup junkie, then you probably know how important is to own a set of high-quality brushes which will not only help in applying the products, but also increase its durability and finished look. Something as simple as the brush you use can completely change the final outlook of make up application. That’s […]

Millennial Mom & New Yorker Nazida Shares her secret to rocking motherhood, career, family and her dreams!

As a single working mother living in one of the busiest cities ever, Nazida Syeda has to manage her time extremely well. Motherhood is already an amazing and overwhelming experience, especially when Moms are on their own, juggling work, home, and a social life on top of it. Add to that some ambition and the will to […]